About us

We decided to set up Dexters Pet Pals after looking for options of where to leave our dog  "Dexter" to go on holiday. We had always been fortunate enough to have family to dogsit for us, but when this wasn't possible any longer we needed a safe reliable option where Dexter would be happy and we would be happy to leave him. After visiting many kennels and pet hotels we realised what terrible options were available for pet owners when they need to go away.  We finally found a home boarder where he was so happy that he now sulks with us when its time for him to come home.

At Dexters Pet Pals we love dogs, in our house dogs come first and we treat all dogs as if they are our own.

We are parents of a six year old chocolate Labrador who is very sociable with both humans and animals of all kinds. He is very loving and really enjoys having pet friends come to stay.

We offer day care and home boarding


  • Dexeters Pet Pals is licensed by Nottingham City Council

  • I have specialist pet boarding and walking insurance which includes keyholding

  • I am canine first aid trained