Boarding & Daycare

Home From Home   


Your dog will be used to their creature comforts in their own home and suddenly being thrust into the totally alien world of a kennels can have quite a disturbing effect. Instead of being able to roam around they are often cooped up for hours with nothing to entertain them or take their mind off the fact that they miss you.


If they come to stay with us they will be in a home environment, where we aim to make their stay as close to their home routine as possible. They are allowed on the sofa (if they are at home), they can roam freely around the house and in the securely fenced garden and they will have three walks a day.

Our aim is to minimise the sense of loss a dog may feel when separated from their owner.

Keeping In Touch

While you're away you will probably miss your dog as much as they miss you.

I will send you regular updates so you know how they are doing, where they have been, what they are up to and how they are enjoying their holiday.

I will also send daily photos so that you can see them enjoying their new surroundings and new friends

Getting to know you


Before your dog comes to stay with us we will arrange a visit so your dog is introduced to our home and makes friends with Dexter. This will also give us a chance to find out about your dogs likes, dislikes and routine. We will make a record of your vets details, any regular medication, meal times and amounts and how and when your dog likes to have their walks. From this information we will make a care plan that we will adhere to when your dog stays with us.