Frequently asked Questions

What will I need to provide for my dogs stay with you?
You will need to bring enough of your dogs regular food to last for their stay. We feel that your dog will be less prone to a stomach upset triggered by a change of diet if you bring the food that it normally enjoys at home. Any regular medications.

Their collar, lead and a favourite blanket or toy so they have something familiar with them

Where will my dog sleep?

Your dog will sleep wherever it would do at home 
If your dog is has its own dog bed at home, you are welcome to bring it with them. If your dog is allowed on a chair or sofa at home then they are also allowed on the sofa when they stay with us. We aim to replicate your dogs home life as much as possible.

What exercise will my dog get?
We walk three times a day for one hour each time regardless of the lovely British weather. 


I dont let my dog off its lead. Will you?
We will take your advice on this and adhere to your guidance. However, even if you do give your consent to allow your dog to be walked off the lead, initially we will walk your dog on the lead until we are confident in its behaviour.

What happens if my dog becomes ill during its stay?
We always take details of your vet when accepting a booking and we will try to get your dog to its usual vet if they become ill, however if there is an emergency we will take your dog to our local vet. Either the vet will invoice you on your return or we will seek reimbursement from you for any expenses incurred. We will keep you informed of any illness or vet visits 

How will I be charged?
We will take a non–refundable deposit of 25% on confirmation of booking and then the remaining 75% at the beginning of your dogs stay. 

How do I know my dog won’t catch anything from mixing with your own dog and other dogs in your care?
We ensure that Dexter is kept fully up to date with his vaccinations, flea and worming treatments and we require proof that all dogs in our care are also up to date.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, we have specialist insurance designed specifically for pet minders and pet walkers 

If you have any further questions that are not answered here please

do get in touch and we will be happy to answer them