Dog Walking

Most of us these days lead increasingly busy and often hectic lives. Work, family, social life and illness can mean you can’t always be there for your beloved pet. This means that many dogs, often through no fault of their owners, spend large parts of the day alone in the house. A bored pooch, no matter how well trained or behaved, can soon become difficult and destructive.

When you are away from home, it’s understandable that you can worry about your dog for any number of reasons. Are they bored? Are they lonely? Do they need exercise? Do they need to go out?

I can help to ease your concern and keep your dog happy, well exercised, boredom free.

Socialisation is also key to a happy and fulfilled doggy lifestyle.

A good walk where they can be socialised with other dogs and people can not only help to prevent behavioural problems but also provide your dog with essential mental stimulation.

This kind of regular exercise and socialisation can go a long way towards treating common behavioural problems including whining and barking, chewing and destructive behaviour in the home.

I ensure that your dog receives the personal one to one attention they need and love. With walks to suit your dogs needs and likes. Whether that's a stroll around the park, a run in the woods or a swim in the lake

For the times that you are not able to be there for your dog you can rely on us to provide the exercise, socialisation, stimulation and boredom breaking fun to make your dog happy and healthy.

On wet rainy days or when your dog wants a swim or a roll in the mud, I will always clean their paws and towel dry them before returning them home.

Let’s go walkies!

For your peace of mind:


I have comprehensive insurance that covers public liability for if your dog causes damage, incidents or accidents to any member of the public or their property, also Care, custody & control insurance covering liability for loss of or injury to animals that are my your care. I am also covered for loss of keys, covering replacement of keys or locks and the cost of appropriate additional temporary protection of premises following the loss of keys entrusted to me


I have been checked and cleared by the Disclosure & Barring Service, formerly known as the Criminal Records Bureau.